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Success Stories

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Tony's Story
Age: 15 years old
Success Type: Foster Parenting

My name is Tony and I came to Glove House when I was 13 years old. At that time I could not speak clearly and no one understood me. I had NEVER been to school. Some of my records indicated that I had Klienfelters Syndrome and other document said I had Downs Syndrome. Actually, my workers at Glove House and my foster family learned that I have both. Glove House, Inc. took the time to have me tested and evaluated so my family would know medically what was in store for my future and how to best help me learn and grow. I have been enrolled in school since I came to Glove House and with the proper therapies, patience and understanding everyone understands my speech. My foster parents even adopted me and now I have a real mom and dad.

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Another Success Story
Martin's Story
Age: 19 years old
Success Type: Neighborhood Living

Martin’s story began very sadly. He is the child of schizophrenic parents, both of whom were homeless when they met. Martin’s father continued wandering while his mother se ... Find out how the story ends