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Success Stories

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Martin's Story
Age: 19 years old
Success Type: Neighborhood Living

Martin’s story began very sadly. He is the child of schizophrenic parents, both of whom were homeless when they met. Martin’s father continued wandering while his mother settled into an apartment. Due to his mother’s mental illness it was unsafe for Martin to remain at home. He left home after enduring five years of severe verbal, emotional and physical abuse. He had been homeless before and believed the streets would be a safe haven for him. Martin’s teacher and other caring adults were aware of his situation and allowed him to “couch surf” for several months. A plan had to be made for Martin’s future and he was placed in an independent living permanency program at Glove House, Inc. named Bright Futures. During his time there he graduated from high school, volunteered weekly at an organic grocery store and farm, applied and interviewed at several prestigious colleges and remained close to the people who had helped him. After receiving several college acceptance letters he chose the college that mirrored his belief on the importance of volunteerism, and a dedication to preserving the environment. He is excelling in his studies, has joined various clubs, led a protest in Washington, DC, speaks of becoming a professor, and remains true to his values. Martin is an exceptional young man with an extremely BRIGHT FUTURE. He credits much of his success to the help and support provided to him by Glove House.

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Another Success Story
Tony's Story
Age: 15 years old
Success Type: Foster Parenting

My name is Tony and I came to Glove House when I was 13 years old. At that time I could not speak clearly and no one understood me. I had NEVER been to school. Some of my r ... Find out how the story ends