Can We Help You?


Glove House believes in effective help by partnering with parents and relatives, school personnel, child welfare personnel and all community members who care about a youth and their family, because as we know, family members know their children and families best.  We strive to provide compassionate and real support so that your child can be successful within their home community. 


Here is one parent's note to the Director of one of our Residential Programs (names and specifics have been changed to protect identities):

Hello Martha,

I wanted to send a note to touch base, as I know you are the 'residential program' in  Elmira’s supervisor.  Things have been a bit crazy with the pandemic and trying to keep our kids safe from school juggling, to all the activities and support they need.  I am 'Bob's' mom, 'Jennifer'.  I wanted to say thank you to all the staff at the program, but in particular to the Program Manager.  Before coming to the program, Bob was a huge mess, like most I would expect.  He had major trust issues, does have serious anxiety and depression, and substance abuse disorders.  From the very first day (and actually even before that) the Program Manager has been vital to the progress we are seeing in Bob.  She is a major advocate for these kids, and also keeps things very real for them and for the staff, holding everyone accountable to run things as smoothly as they can be.  In her I have recognized a genuine, strong, and very dedicated individual who really cares about what she does and about the success of these kids.  I wanted to particularly recognize her quick decision this week to keep the kids safe after a potential exposure to COVID and forward thinking that they could have been quarantined for the holiday.  With guidance, she was able to make these plans swiftly and safely, and as a mother, and professional in the .... field, that was excellent coordination and decision making on her part.  I feel sometimes that the people who do the most or have the most responsibility often times do not get the recognition they deserve.  I would love to recognize her efforts in my son’s journey.  You have a great leader in her and hope she is encouraged each day with not only the time she puts in, but the knowledge and compassion she shares with each kid and family.  Please share this with whomever you feel necessary*.

Kind Regards,

*Reprinted with this parent's permission