A Letter from a Glove House Employee


I am a Home Finder with the Waterloo office. I have 2 children in school (Senior & 3rd grade) and I know the world is aware of the shared struggle we all have regarding every dynamic of school/education, as a result of the pandemic. 

It has been so uncertain and overwhelming to figure out how to accommodate their hybrid schedules, in general. This week, the district my children attend (Clyde-Savannah) was shut down & changed to remote learning only, for the next 2 weeks, as the result of a bus driver testing positive for COVID. 

It was last minute notification to us parents because there really is no way a district can plan for the uncertain.

It has been a rough year and we are still in September lol! 

However, Glove House & my Supervisors, Mark Bunce & Jodi Walker have been nothing short of amazing and supportive since the start of school, let alone this recent issue with my school district! It is so important to me that you know the positive effect this has on my life & work! Glove House really is an amazing agency that has been nothing but supportive & caring towards staff! I have felt so lucky to be apart of this agency and truly appreciate what you do for us! 

I can't describe how much easier it is to make arrangements for my children & get through the overall uncertainty knowing I have the support of my agency and supervisors! It motivates me to keep getting through the obstacles! The additional struggle my fellow parents deal with because their employers do not support them, is scary and has such a negative ripple effect on every aspect of their lives. I just can't thank you all enough or put into true words the level of gratitude I have! 

Thanks for caring & creating that standard with all of the administration! 

With Sincere Gratitude,

Charisse Lash