Foster Care and Residential Services

Foster Care and Residential Services

Sometimes, children are not able to live safely at home.  While our first priority is always their safety and well-being, our dedicated team of advocates, therapists, child welfare professionals and service providers work alongside the family to help them achieve well-being and success.  

When family challenges interfere with children’s safety, we work closely with parents to help them overcome the obstacles that brought them into the child welfare system.

We believe in their potential, and we empower them to build upon their strengths to complete the steps required to bring their children safely back home.

Foster Care Services

We recruit, train, license and support loving foster families that provide stability and safety to children in the midst of uncertainty.  


  • Foster Homes
  • Therapeutic Foster Homes
  • Respite
  • Specialized and Medical Needs Foster Homes
  • Kinship Foster Homes


If you are interested in learning more about foster care, or becoming a foster parent click here:

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Residential Services

Sometimes, children who have endured trauma are best served in a residential setting, staffed around-the-clock by compassionate, highly trained professionals. Our Chemung County (OMH) residential home provides more than safety. They offer counseling, nurturing and encouragement as kids and teens, along with their families, work through the issues that brought them into our care. 


Our residential include:

  • Chemung County (OMH) Community Residence
  • Chemung County Respite Services





Independent Living

This program assists young adults transitioning out of the foster care system into independent living.  Our case workers teach basic life skills such as budgeting, personal hygiene, transportation, housing and how to pursue educational and employment opportunities.