Steps to becoming a foster parent

The process to becoming a foster parent with Glove House is designed to guarantee success. We are here to guide you to ensure all requirements are met.

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We are so happy you've decided to begin the journey to becoming a child's hero! The steps to doing so are outlined here.


Step 1

Complete the Glove House Foster Parent Inquiry Form

Step 2

An initial home visit: overview, Q & A, and application material

Step 3

Complete all 3 forms of background checks for all members of the household 18 years and older including:

  • Fingerprinted and cleared through the FBI national database and New York State central registry.
  • Cleared through the State Central Register for Child Abuse and Maltreatment. This clearance involves running applicants' addresses for the last 28 years through the registry.
  • Submission of each adult's information to the Justice Center’s Vulnerable Persons Central Registry to determine if the adults have ever committed serious acts of abuse or neglect.

Medical Clearances

Foster parents must be healthy enough to care for a child and are required to submit medical clearances signed by a licensed and registered physician. All other household members must also submit medical clearances

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Step 4

Home Study

  • Home finders will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your home to ensure  it meets Glove House and New York State safety standards.
  • You will be asked to provide supporting financial, emotional, and mental health documentation showing you can effectively care for children via medical reports, conversations, and reference checks.

Glove House Provided Trainings

Glove House foster parents are required to attend trainings which teach them:

  • How to work with birth parents and help a child adjust to their temporary home.
  • Rights and responsibilities as a foster parent.
  • Supports available to you, including financial subsidies, health insurance, and 24/7 on call. 
  • Knowledge and skills for children if they exhibit destructive responses and negative behavior patterns.
  • Policies and procedures to follow when providing for children and youth with normative experiences while still maintaining their health, safety, and best interests.
  • Mandatory 24 hours yearly training requirements, including 6 “live” hours with Glove House staff.

Mandated training courses required for certification

  • The National Training and Development Curriculum for Foster and Adoptive Parents (NTDC)
  • Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for Families (TCIF)
  • Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standard Training
  • Mandated  Reported Training
  • Medication Training
  • First Aid/CPR Through Glove House or Other Red Cross Certified Program

Taking a placement

Glove House can place foster children in your home, once you become fully certified as a foster parent. Home finders review placement requests to see if the description of the child matches the preferences indicated during the certification process.  Before a child is placed in your home, the Home finder will provide you information to help you decide about whether or not to proceed with placement. 

This may include:

  • Describing the circumstances from which the child is coming into care.
  • Sharing any known diagnoses, behaviors and services the child will need.
  • Providing information about your responsibilities for the court ordered visitation with birth parents and/or siblings. This may include providing transportation to visits.
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