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Everyone needs a super hero. Become a foster parent, and change a child's life!

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Sometimes children are unable to live safely in their biological homes and need to be placed in foster care. Our primary goal as an agency is to ensure youth coming into our care are placed in safe and loving environments providing them with the opportunity thrive and grow. This is where you come in.

Where are foster parents needed?

We currently serve youth from fourteen New York State counties through our offices in the Finger Lakes, the Southern Tier, Livingston County and Schuyler County.

Finger Lakes Regional Office
Canandaigua, NY

Southern Tier Regional Office
Vestal, NY

Livingston County Office
Mount Morris, NY

Schuyler County Office
Montour Falls, NY

Glove House actively seeks foster parents from all backgrounds to reflect the diversity of children entering care.  This includes single parents and LGBTQ+ families.

What does a foster parent do?

While your investment in the care of a foster child may be short-term, the impact is lasting.  Children will benefit from your love and support for years to come. 

Foster Parents:

  • Provide safe homes to a child during a time of need
  • Support the physical and emotional well-being of the child
  • Are a safe, dependable source of temporary care and parenting
  • Must be good communicators understanding that both the foster parent and the child are learning and evolving together
  • Help the child maintain important connections in their life, by supporting visitations when appropriate, and advocating for the child when needed.



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Foster care opportunities

Foster families are needed to serve in the following capacities:

  • Long and short-term foster care
    The length of a youth's stay in foster care varies greatly dependent on each case.. Some youth live with foster families for a few days, others a few years.

  • Kinship care
    Kinship care refers to the care of children by relatives or close family friends. Relatives are the preferred resource for children who are removed from their birth parents as it helps maintain the children's connections with their families, increases stability, and overall minimizes the trauma of family separation. 

  • Respite care
    We recognize foster parents may need to get away for a bit for some much-needed restorative personal time, or maybe they have other obligations which take them away from home. In these cases, the child is temporarily placed in a foster care respite home.

  • Emergency care
    A short-term care solution for children and youth entering care until a relative or long-term foster family is found. These emergency or short-term foster families are the bridge for children between entering care and a long-term home.


We support you!

Glove House is Committed to Supporting Your Foster Parent Journey

  • Team based approach to support you and the children in care
    • Home finder to support your journey as a foster parent
    • Caseworker to support the foster youth in your home
    • In-House Social Worker
  • 24/7 - 365 on-call phone support
  • Network of Glove House foster parents
  • Facebook foster parent support group
  • Ongoing continuing education
  • Respite care for children via other foster parents as needed
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