Programs & Services


Two adults surrounding a child seated on a couch who are talking with a therapist
Foster Care
Foster Care Reintegration Complex Trauma
When children are not able to live safely at home, Glove House provides loving foster families to impart stability and safety to children in the midst of uncertainty.
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Bright Futures: a Self-Sufficiency Program for Success
Foster Care Residential Services
Bright Futures is an independent living program designed to allow young adults to create their own paths to adulthood with support from Glove House.
Three diverse teen females sitting on couch laughing and doing homework
Community Residence
Residential Services Reintegration
The Community Residence (CR) is a community based voluntary program that provides residential services, treatment, and support for youth (ages 12-18) with mental health diagnosis(es). We assist youth and families in working toward a healthy and safe reunification.
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Care Management
Care Management and Specialized Services CHHUNY
A Health Home is a care management service model where all caregivers communicate with one another so that all needs are addressed in a comprehensive manner.


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Preventive and School-Based Services
Prevention Parenting School-based
The goal of Glove House Preventive Services is to prevent out of home placement of youth and/or to prevent child protective reports. When foster care placement has occurred, reunification of children to their families is another aspect of these services.
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Mental Health Services
Mental Health
Glove House recognizes the need for Mental Health Services to help youth and families who are struggling.
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Home Finding
Homefinding Foster Care
Glove House is always actively recruiting new foster parents. Our Home Finders are the talented staff who recruit, certify and train new foster parents.
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Tioga & Seneca Counties Respite Services
Respite is a structured living environment oriented toward providing temporary relief to families so that out-of-home placement is avoided. Respite is not a treatment program. Individual and family counseling remains the responsibility of the referring party or responsible mental health clinician. The program maintains a 24-hour availability to accept children for respite.