Foster Care

When children are not able to live safely at home, Glove House provides loving foster families to impart stability and safety to children in the midst of uncertainty.  

Foster Care Reintegration Complex Trauma
Available In:
Finger Lakes, Southern Tier, Upstate New York, Livingston County
Ages 0-21
Referred by:
Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS)
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When family challenges impact a child’s safety, we work closely with parents to help them overcome the obstacles which brought the child into the child welfare system. In cases where reintegration is not possible, we utilize our strong network of foster families to provide the love and stability needed.

Our first priority is always the child's' safety and well-being. Our Glove House team of case workers, social workers and advocates work alongside the biological families to help them succeed when the goal is reunification. 

Caseworkers through Glove House work with and offer assistance to biological parents to complete necessary steps to bring the child safely into the biological home.

At times, these efforts are not ultimately successful leading to children remaining in foster care or being freed for adoption.


Foster Care Services

We recruit, train, license and support loving foster families that provide stability and safety to children in the midst of uncertainty.  
  • Foster Homes
  • Therapeutic Foster Homes
  • Respite
  • Specialized and Medical Needs Foster Homes
  • Kinship Foster Homes
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Facts about Glove House foster care

  • Foster parents receive ongoing training and support
  • Children range from birth through age 21 including pregnant teens
  • Foster parents must be at least 21 years of age
  • Foster parents receive a daily stipend for the care of children in their home at levels varying depending upon the acuity level of the child
  • Medical bills for foster children are covered
  • Background checks must be completed on all adult members of the household
  • We work with you and your family members to ensure everyone feels part of the family
  • Foster parents can and do adopt children placed in their homes

Managed Care

Care for youth in foster care is administered by the 29-I program. This program oversees the managed care of our youth in foster care including those in our Bright Futures program. Voluntary Foster Care Agencies (VFCA’s) must be licensed for the provision of limited health-related services to contract and bill Medicaid Managed Care Plans and comply with Corporate Practice of Medicine standards. The 29-I Licensure applies to all children who the VFCA has responsibility for the care of, and/or boards out.

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