Care Management

At Glove House, care management means linkage, advocacy and support.

Care Management and Specialized Services CHHUNY
Available In:
Upstate New York, Finger Lakes, Southern Tier
Ages 0-21
Referred by:
Medicaid, Non-Medicaid
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A Health Home is a care management service model where all caregivers communicate with one another so that all needs are addressed in a comprehensive manner.

Care Management 101

With Glove House, care management provides:

  • Linkage to
    community and professional services including peer and family support, mental health services, recreational opportunities, medical providers and more!

  • Advocacy
    for services to help families fill gaps in a youth’s care.

  • Support
    in personal and professional settings including Committee on Special Education (CSE) Meetings, Single Point of Access (SPOA) coordination and discharge planning.

What is a Health Home?

A Health Home is a care management service model where all caregivers communicate with one another so that all needs are addressed in a comprehensive manner. This is done primarily through a care manager who oversees and provides access to support services to help youth stay healthy, out of the emergency room, and out of the hospital. Health records are shared among providers so that services are not duplicated or neglected.

Health Home services are provided through a network of organizations – providers, health plans and community-based organizations. When all the services are considered collectively they become a virtual "Health Home".

Currently, Glove House provides Medicaid Care Management Services in coordination with Children’s Health Homes of Upstate New York, Inc., (CHHUNY) as well as Non-Medicaid Care Management Services through contracted providers.

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I think it's really helpful. The program and the care managers are really helpful when it comes to IEP's and issues with the school. The care manager has always been available any time there has been a crisis with my kiddo.

--Tanya Larsen

Benefits of Care Management

Key Point of Contact

We understand families spend countless hours on the phone being transferred from department to department trying to get critical answers and information regarding services. When you enroll in a Health Home, your Care Manager becomes the key point of contact in managing the services for the child.

Service Coordination

Collaboration is key. A family’s Care Manager will have access to information on each service a child is receiving, enabling them to stay in constant communication and eliminating redundancy of service. The vast network also provides linkages to related services such as Adult Health Homes and many more.


Our Care Manager is an independent position focused on empowering the family unit. Following the CHHUNY model of care, the Care Manager strives to learn about the unique needs of each family and work with them to make the most appropriate decisions for the family.


Medicaid Care Management

  • Age birth - 21
  • Medicaid Insurance
  • Have two or more chronic health conditions or a significant single qualifying condition including HIV/AIDS, Severe Emotional Disturbance, or Complex Trauma

Non-Medicaid Care Management

Eligibility requirements are determined by evaluation and referral from specific County Community Partners.

Glove House has experts on staff who will be happy to work with you to determine if a child is eligible. Referrals can be submitted (with caregiver consent) by any community, personal, or professional support personnel involved in the youth's care.


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