Seneca Falls School Services

The Seneca Falls School Services are designed to provide extra help for students who have been identified and referred to the program by teachers, guidance counselors or mental health professionals.

Available In:
Seneca County
Grades K - 12
Referred by:
Contracted Services and Support Services, Seneca Falls Director of Pupil Services
Female teacher with multiple young students

The collaboration between Seneca Falls Central School District and Glove House was established to coordinate appropriate services for families in need. Glove House provides additional resources that are not available to schools for youth and parents which enable youth to be more successful at school.

How can preventative services help?

  • Assess and address the needs, characteristics, and interactions of the student, family, community, and school
  • Provide direct services and service delivery to student and family
  • Advocate for appropriate services for the student and family such as assessments, crisis intervention, home visits, conflict resolution, group counseling, consultation, program development, dropout prevention, graduation awareness, and coordination of services
  • Consult and collaborate with stakeholders on behalf of the student and family
  • Plan, implement, and evaluate programs that promote student and family success
  • Advocate, facilitates and contribute to accountability for outcomes aligned with local and state policies and guidelines

Considerations for services


Students with poor attendance and traditional methods to get them to return to school have not been effective.


Families that struggle with school-home communication.

Complex needs

Students with a variety of disabilities and/or medical needs. Traditional case management has not been successful.



Referral to the program is made through the Seneca Falls Director of Pupil Services. Reach out to us for more information.

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